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Elective single embryo transfer eset is a procedure in which one embryo selected from a larger number of available embryos is placed in the uterus or fallopian tube the embryo selected for eset might be from a previous ivf cycle eg cryopreserved embryos frozen or from the current fresh ivf cycle that yielded more than one embryo it is important to us and our patients that the pregnancy rates with single embryo transfer are as good as those resulting from transferring more embryos our results after transferring a single blastocyst compared to transferring multiple blastocysts for patients under the age of 35 are presented below 2012 2016 fresh blastocyst transfers 35the usage of single embryo transfer is highest in sweden 694 but as low as 28 in the usa access to public funding for art availability of good cryopreservation facilities effective education about the risks of multiple pregnancy and legislation appear to be the most important factors for regional usage of single embryo transferthe future is now single embryo transfer set has become the standard of care for ivf treatment based on new guidelines issued in 2017 by the american society for reproductive medicine asrm and the society for assisted reproductive technology sart this is a huge departure from ivf treatment in the past when two and sometimes three embryos were transferred in the hope that one would 1 embryo 1 baby the goal of ivf has always been the creation of a single baby from a single embryo and now its finally possible dr robert e anderson learn more for many years we have been working to improve the outcomes of our ivf cycles by individualizing treatment plans and constantly improving conditions in the laboratory

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